AISB has experienced many positive changes during the course of this year; and in keeping with the spirit of improvement, lunch time will be made more entertaining. Starting today, monthly performances will take place in the atrium from 1:10pm-1:40pm.

The Lunch Lounge will provide students the “opportunity to showcase their talents in more informal settings,” according to the event’s coordinator (in tandem with the Arts Council), Courtney McDonald. 

McDonald, in her second year at AISB (first year teaching MYP Music at the school), lead the Lunch Lounge at the Luanda International School in Angola, where she says it was a real success. “Although not many people signed up at the beginning, by the end of that year, students from all grade levels would come and enjoy the entertainment offered.”

Lunch Lounge at the Luanda International School

All students in grades 6-12 are invited to enjoy the Lunch Lounge performances today, from 13:10-13:40 in the atrium. Here’s a look at the entertainment for today:

  1. Cobalt Dream, the Grade 10 band (Shahar, Nick A, Nick, B, Matias and Ozan) playing “Bath Salts” by Highly Suspect
  2. Filip from Grade 7 performing a magic act
  3. Phoebe from Grade 6 singing (song TBD)
  4. Malina from Grade 11 performing some stand-up comedy
  5. Luca from Grade 7 on the piano playing “Somewhere in time” and “Fur Elise” by John Barry
  6. John from Grade 7 performing some magic tricks
  7. Doga from Grade 8 playing SAD! By XXXTentacion on the piano

For students who missed their chance to sign up for this Friday, there’s no need to worry as the Lunch Lounge will take place monthly. Inspired students, however, should contact McDonald sooner than later, as there are a limited amount of spots for performers.