On November 14, AISB will no longer tolerate the use of memes in school as the administration will enforce Article 13, the EU’s controversial copyright legislation.

Article 13 states that: “Information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works or other subject-matter uploaded by their users shall, in cooperation with rights holders.”

This legislation essentially bans the use of memes, which violates the copyright claims of the third party.  

Secondary School Vice Principal Fiona Moss, states: “Memes have been banned from all institutions– for both teachers and students.”

See The Bite’s exclusive interview below:

AISB Reacts to Meme Ban:

Multiple teachers are outraged by the new policies that the school will start enforcing. “ERMAGERD!” shouted Mr. White, when he first learned out the banning of memes throughout the school.

Other teachers, however, are fine with the ban. In fact, Mr. Pontius is “delighted” by the idea.

Rumors are circulating that White is in the process of creating a meme laboratory in the new design center, possibly becoming a ‘meme dealer’ for students and staff. Could this get him fired?

By the end of winter break, no-one will be allowed to use or share memes. With the strong possibility of expulsion, students will have to find new means of satire and humor.