From March 18th through the 22nd, the Wellbeing Council is hosting a new and improved Mental Health Awareness Week in an effort to raise awareness of some really common issues: depression, anxiety, and suicide.

“These are the most common conditions we see in young people,” says 8th and 9th Grade Counselor Michaela Young. “Here, very few students have an official diagnosis or are seeking treatment outside of the school. We’re hoping that raising awareness through these types of initiatives will help some of our students get help if they need it.”

Some of the activities planned for next week include yoga lessons, slime making, mindful coloring, and even a workshop on how to make stress balls. These events will be taking place during lunch Monday through Friday. See the schedule below:

In addition to lunchtime activities, the counselors will be running a program called “Signs of Suicide” (SOS) throughout the week with grade 6-10 students. SOS is “evidence-based, aimed at prevention, to encourage help-seeking behavior,” Young explains. After watching a video, students will complete a “screening tool” in order to identify warning signs and for students to get the help they need.

Members of the Wellbeing Council feel it’s “extremely important for us to start by raising awareness about how many teenagers suffer with mental illness, and how many go undiagnosed.” They cite that “20% of teenagers have experienced depression, while only 30% of them get treated.”

Make sure to stop by some of the workshops next week, and comment below if you have any ideas about other ways our school can help students who are suffering.