Twenty-seven years have passed since IT gave audiences nightmares about clowns. Now, the clown is back, and with a vengeance. “It” floats, and you’ll float too.

The movie is based on a Stephen King novel that was first turned into a mini television series in 1990, then a full length movie that same year.

It’s about a group of young kids who find the courage to go after a murderous clown named Pennywise, to stop him from killing their friends, and themselves.

At some parts of the movie, you’ll want to jump out of your seat and run out of the movie theatre. Most of the movie, you’ll feel uneasy, but there are also some parts where you’ll just laugh your head off. There was comment made by the director of the movie, Andres Muschietti, already hinting about the different sides of the movie: “It’s a horror movie, but it’s quite emotional too, and there’s a lot of humor. And I’m not saying this in a Hollywood way. It’s just part of the essence of the mood that I wanted to stick to.”

There were many differences between both the movie and the television series. From watching both, I can say that the movie is way more graphic than the television series and has much more mature language.

Parents should know that the child characters swear a lot; which, in my opinion, adds more to the humor factor of the movie. There were also some bloody parts and very graphic images. For example, one of the kids got his arm bitten off and you could see the blood that was coming from it. It definitely shows why the movie is Rated R.

Apart from the differences between both the television series and the movie, he movie was loved by  Stephen King himself. He said in an interview, “I’m sure my fans will enjoy the movie. And I think some of them will go back two or three times and actually savor the thing. I went back and saw it a second time, and I felt I was seeing things the second time through that I missed the first time.”

It is a great movie to watch if you like horror and feeling anxious throughout the whole movie while laughing out loud at a stupid comment that a kid made. If you want to see it, just prepare yourself for nightmares, and possibly a new phobia.

Bite Rating: 4.5/5