On November 8th, 2023, the 10th grade drama class performed a Greek theatre piece called Mythos to parents, teachers and friends in the AISB theatre. The students had been preparing for this important day since the beginning of the semester and dedicated an immense amount of time and energy to understanding their script and rehearsing with their partners. 

In this feature video, tenth graders (and Bite staff members), Evelyn S and Claire D share the experiences of the students performing and some of the creative pieces that brought a beautiful challenge. Thank you to Jamie Cant (MYP and DP Theatre), for making this performance possible and for encouraging such inspirational Greek theatre performances.

Greek theater is an articulate piece of art that has been performed for thousands of years. The Grade 10 theater students learned about the importance of TEAM (tension, emotion, atmosphere, meaning) and truly engage with their character and understand the connection between their movements and the scripts. 

The Bite team thanks you for coming along and supporting the Grade 10 performers! Let us know your experiences with Greek theatre in the comments below!