Romanian week started on the 24th of October and was organized with the help of the AISB Romanian Teacher Mrs. Coraci. Romanian Week was an opportunity for our community to spend time together and participate in social and artistic events that bring us closer to the culture and traditions of our school’s host country. Here are some highlights:

Traditional Dances with Elementary Students

Second-grade students learned traditional Romanian dance moves with songs like “Alunelu, alunelu” and “Drag mi-e jocul românesc”. They also learned Romanian nursery songs like “Am o căsuță mică” and “A ram sam sam”.

“The songs familiarized the students with Romanian rythms and brought them closer to our culture in a fun and creative way.”

-Mrs. Boangiu, Romanian Teacher at AISB

Reading Classic Romanian Stories for Elementary

Grade 10 students organised a storytelling workshop for Elementary students. Fairy tales are an important part of Romanian culture and are passed on from generation to generation. They were really entertained and we got to talk and play with them. 

Tibi Ușeriu Speech

During an assembly for grades 10 and 11, the school welcomed Tibiu Useriu as a guest speaker. 


 “I invited Tibi Ușeriu because any of us can identify with him to some extent, even though he is a world champion and we are only champions of our own lives.”

– Mrs. Coraci, Romanian teacher at AISB

He gave an inspiring speech, with lots of stories from his life. He is a three-time champion ultra-marathon runner in the competition “Arctic Ultra”. He explained his new running project across Romania, as well as stories from his crime-filled past and life’s challenges. His mental strength and life advice are truly unique, being what made him able to run such great distances. Mrs. Coraci read some carefully picked passages from his book. Grade 12 students, Tina Pintilie and Iulia Precup did a wonderful job at translating the speeches and questions, taking time out of their busy workload to help our school community.  “Tibi Ușeriu teaches us that the past can be rewritten at any time and there is a second chance for everyone.” (Miss Coraci)

“From his book, 27 Steps, we can learn how to take certain pitches with great courage, with great assumption and with great perseverance. “

-Mrs. Coraci

Tradition-Inspired Artistic Performances


On Tuesday night, our stage welcomed grade seven students that performed well-rehearsed traditional dances and songs.

A huge thank you to Vanessa C, Sandra C, Robin D, Lara K, Melissa N, Victor P, and Bianca R for their amazing performances, as well as to Vaida Z and Eliza O for introducing everyone.


The next performance consisted of nostalgic romantic songs by the professional Romanian band COOPERATIVA. The performance was very entertaining, with amazing melody lines.

Romanian Week connected people with each other while bringing us closer to our culture. With lots of work going into organizing, Mrs. Coraci said she’ll organize one next year too.

All photos by Nichita C.