This Monday during lunch, The Bite organized a party to celebrate the end of Movember. There was food, a mustache competition, and most importantly, our “student barbers” shaved off those crazy ‘staches for our participating teachers and student. Here’s a look at what happened.

First up was the mustache competition. Candidates sat in a line in front of the crowd and were judged based on their mustaches. Among the categories, there was “cringiest stache,” “most lush stache,” and “best overall stache.” The crowd had lots of fun choosing the winners.

“Winning felt very rewarding… it was nice to win something, despite how small and unique the contest was.”

-Mehdi M, winner of “Best Overall ‘Stache”

Stradale set up burger and quesadilla stands, providing students with lower-cost snacks to munch on while they watched their favorite teachers shave off their mustaches.

(And, of course, mustaches were provided for our facial-hair-challenged audience members.)

Then, the big event: the shave-off! Admittedly, we were supposed to have professional barbers come to school, but that fell through last minute. Luckily, 11th graders Evelina and Cristina, along with 12th graders Mehdi and Kyia, agreed to do the clipping.

“It was definitely very fun to feel like you had a teacher at the mercy of your hands. We had the opportunity to make them look as ridiculous as possible for the rest of the day, and that’s not something you get to say every day.”

-Student Barber, Cristina D.

We raised 1,000 lei at the event, which was donated to The Movember Foundation. “Next year we hope to make 10 times this amount,” says The Bite Advisor, Jennifer Stevens. “We’re thinking about having students bid on what type of mustache design each teacher should grow, and are also considering how to include community members who cannot/do not want to grow facial hair.”

If you have any ideas, please comment below.

*A big thank you to all the teachers who subjected yourselves to the competition and the razors! We’re happy to report there was no blood shed at the event.