A couple of months ago, high school rock band Cobalt Dream performed at the first assembly of the year. The surprise performance left us with many questions. To answer these, The Bite got to interview the members of the Cobalt Dream: Shahar, Mathis, Ozan, Nick. B., and Nick. A.

Q: What does your band name mean?

“Cobalt Dream is a flower.” – Mathis.

“We panicked and picked it because we didn’t have time.” – Nick A.

“Our early name was called ‘Eastern Edge.’” – Shahar

Q: How did the band meet?

“Ozan and I were in math class and basically, we started talking about how we liked music and then Nick. A brought up that he was in a band in his old school and then we said let’s make a band.” – Mathis

Q: What Instruments do you all play? 

“Drums” – Shahar

“Squier Jazz Bass guitar” – Ozan

“Vocals” – Mathis

“Schecter Diamond Series C1 Plus” – Nick A.

“Gibson SG guitar.” – Nick B.

Q: How long have you played together?

“We’ve played for 1 year and a couple weeks.” – Ozan

Q: Do you guys have any originals?

“The first song we ever wrote was ‘Bobby the Magic Fish.’ The second song was a riff that Nick B made called ‘Nameless’ and we had a big project that we didn’t finish that was gonna be a progressive song called ‘Untitled.'” – Shahar

Q: What inspired you to perform at the assembly?

“We were asked by Mr. O’Grady.” – Shahar

Q: What are you thinking about while you’re playing?

“I’m just thinking, don’t mess up. I just keep thinking that over and over again. I sometimes get nervous in front of big crowds.” – Nick. B.

Q: What were some of the challenges your group faced during the performance and during the rehearsals?

“Most of the challenges faced were from certain group members and a lack of good attitude.” – Mathis

“Bad communication.” – Ozan

Q: What’s your criteria for choosing songs?

“At the beginning of this year we all said that everyone could choose one song that they could all play. We played Nick B’s choice of song, “By the Way” by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.” – Mathis (listen/watch below)

“It can’t be longer than 5 minutes.” – Ozan

Q: Who’s your biggest influence?

“Progressive [rock].” – Nick A.

“It is a melting pot of genres.” – Nick B.

It was a blast interviewing Cobalt Dream. We hope to see them play again soon. Perhaps at the next Lunch Lounge?