Welcome to our very first episode of The Bite’s new podcast, Reality Bites.

This week, Niki and Mominah sit down with guests Jade, Gaya and Irina from 11th grade. As the tenth graders are finishing up their final products, this week’s episode discusses the Personal Project. We talk about the differences in the PP compared to last year, what really is and isn’t necessary to get a good final mark and we also get tips from the 11th graders on how to succeed in the Personal Project.

We hope you enjoy our first episode. Please leave a podcast topic suggestion in the comment box to the right if you have something you want us to cover.

Thank you to Paula from 11th grade for creating the Bite-inspired logo for this podcast, and to Mr. O’Grady for organizing the contest to get us original intro music from 10th grader David! (And, of course, thanks to Mr. Pontius for giving us an interview!)