In this episode of Reality Bites, hosts Alan and Shaun take a deeper look into one of the biggest mysteries on AISB’s campus, the bunkers.

While this is a bit of a spoof on true crime podcasts, the hosts find a balance between humor and factual reporting. By interviewing AISB Facilities Manager Mr. Nica, they find out about when and why the bunkers were built, what they’re being used for, and the local laws that are in place requiring these shelters throughout Bucharest.

They also interview Ms. Barnes, who grew up during the Cold War, to understand how people might be feeling about the presence of these bunkers: do they serve as a reminder? Do they evoke feelings of fear with the Russia-Ukraine war so close, or do they provide a sense of safety and protection?

And finally, they head into the bunkers to see what’s behind those thick, heavy doors. (See pictures below.)

Here’s a glimpse from the hosts’ time inside the bunkers. (We know, very anticlimactic.)

Shaun entered the bunker after the heavy door was opened. Inside, he found only old desks and chairs.
Further into the bunker, Shaun found more and more furniture office supplies, and outdoor umbrellas.
Mr. Nica explained that they were clearing out the bunkers at this time, in case we’d actually need to use them for shelter. The picture on the right shows empty shelves that should now be filled with non-perishable food items.

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