From the 4th to 8th of March, AISB will be hosting a week dedicated to Romanian culture, where some of the country’s most well-known musicians, historians, physicists, politicians, architects and sports professionals will visit the school to deliver presentations and answer questions.

AISB Romanian Teacher Laura Coraci, who organized the event, explains that, “This week is when the whole community of AISB gets together and celebrates some of the traditional values of our host country….It lets us meet exceptional people who have been through exceptional experiences.”

Throughout the week, artisans will organize workshops including, but not limited to, building or making musical instruments, creating traditional clay pottery, sewing, and learning folk dances. The artisans will be located in the atrium and the main hallway leading to the cafeteria, and they will present every day for the duration of the week. “It will help us keep connected and make us know each other better,” says Coraci.

The Bite will also have a stand at the fair in collaboration with Ilinca P, a 10th grade student. We will be selling some of her original illustrations on magnets, artfully depicting some of the top Romanian medical myths.

“Ilinca’s art is really amazing,” says Journalism Teacher Jennifer Stevens. “I actually saw the drawings for the first time during the Personal Project exhibition and was blown away. I told her that we should sell these images as souvenirs–which Romania doesn’t do a lot of– and at the same time, dispel some of these medical misunderstandings.”

The table will be located between the library and cafeteria on Thursday, so come and see us!

Here’s Next Week’s Schedule:


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