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From November 25th to December 4th, there will be a Christmas tree set up in the atrium to collect presents for Mia’s Children. Each paper ornament on the tree will have a photo, name, and gift wishlist of a child from the orphanage.

You can donate a gift to a child by writing your name, email, and phone number on a paper ornament. All gifts will be collected in a box next to the tree until December 4th and delivered to the children before Christmas.

What is Mia’s Children?

Mia’s Children was founded in 1998 by Mia Scarlat to save Romanian children from poverty, abuse, prostitution, and abandonment. Mia started by taking in a few children from her street, but when this number quickly grew to dozens, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to the organization.

“I am trying to help them escape from pain, through music, dance, sport, literature, theatre, through everything they want, anything that gives them hope.”

Mia Scarlat, founder of Mia’s Children

Today, Mia’s Children hosts 35-40 kids and provides them with food, education, medical care, and a safe home. The organization also offers counseling and recreational activities such as sports and arts. Over the past 18 years, Mia has helped over 100 children, ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

Click here to watch a five-minute video about their story.

Your small contribution will mean the world to the children! Sign your name on the tree and be the one to brighten up someone’s Christmas.