We all brush our teeth before going to school (well, hopefully). But have you ever thought about whether it’s better to brush before or after breakfast?

In order to see which way AISB students cleaned their teeth, we sent out a survey. We found out that 56% of students brushed their teeth after breakfast. They said that it’s just something that they’ve always done, or that their breakfast leaves them with bad breath.

The rest (44%) said that before breakfast was “what they’ve always done,” like the previous group, and that it’s more hygienic.

So, which way is the ‘right’ way?

Why you should brush your teeth before breakfast:

  1. According to Colgate, brushing your teeth after breakfast can damage your tooth enamel. Especially if you’ve eaten anything acidic, such as orange juice, your tooth enamel would already be at its weakened state.

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  2. Colgate also states that by brushing your teeth before breakfast, it gets rid of the bacteria in the mouth that can react with the sugars and acid from food. These sugars and acids cause cavities and erosion.
  3. As reported by Dakota Dental, brushing your teeth right after you’ve woken up can bring your mouth back to its normal salivation process, as well as bring fluoride into your mouth, which can protect your teeth from the acid and sugars from breakfast.

Why you should brush your teeth after breakfast:

  1. According to Mayo Clinic, bacteria on your tongue left over after breakfast can cause bad breath.
  2. In addition, Mental Floss states that by brushing your teeth before breakfast,
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    your food can taste different and tangy because of the chemical SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in the toothpaste. This chemical messes with your receptors on your taste buds that perceive sweetness. This temporarily restricts the ability to taste your food/drinks.

  3. Lastly, Colgate reports that that it’s fine to brush your teeth after eating, as long as you wait at least 30 minutes to let your teeth “adjust” to the acids in food to decrease the risk of damaging tooth enamel.


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Clearly, there are positives and negatives for both ways. The short answer is that it’s better to brush your teeth before breakfast. If you have the time, you could wait half an hour after eating to brush your teeth; but let’s be honest, you probably don’t have enough time before you have to head out of the door.


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