Step into Istanbul’s enchanting embrace, where native eyes, adorned with a visitor’s curiousity, behold the timeless beauty of this bustling metropolis. A fusion of cultures, traditions, and stories to explore. This photo essay invites you to experience Istanbul’s essence along with me, capturing moments that reveal the soul of this vibrant labyrinthine tapestry.

The wind blows against me almost as powerfully as the striking colour of the water of the Bosporus strait.
An almost-empty mall smells like cotton candy and the country’s signature coffee.

Wandering through the streets, I stumble upon tourists and interact with natives going about their busy lives.

The Grand Bazaar, or Kapalı Çarşı, is of course unforgettable; scents of spices overwhelm and layer over each other, weaving through the crowded halls.
I hear the cling-clang of the metro car approaching.
A highlight of my time in Kadıköy, I watch a self-effacing man paint expertly.
The night glows with hustle and bustle.
I lean from the car in the second-oldest metro in the world.

As I bid farewell to this captivating city, may its essence linger in my memories, inviting me to return and discover even more of its enchanting secrets.