A new ASA has come to AISB, and the group is calling themselves “SoundBites,” playing homage to the school’s news website, The Bite.

Students Luca (grade 6), Iona (9), Deniz (9), Maria (9) , Vlad (11) and Rui (11) come together each Wednesday to put together 15-minute podcasts on a host of subjects, concerning the school, the city and sports. All content is chosen by the students, hosted by the students (they take turns each week) and written by the students. According to the ASA sponsor Luke Scholtes, the team has already “impressed [him] with their knowledge of the subjects and their abilities to ask questions and find the stories.”

This week, already on their third episode, Iona and Deniz talk about spirit week, Luca discusses a note from Albert Einstein and Vlad talks about the NBA. Take a listen here:

We’ll be posting episodes weekly from now on, so stay tuned!