Jennifer Stevens Advisor
Before coming to AISB and starting up the school’s newspaper and journalism program, Ms. Stevens was a full-time writer, most recently working as a web editor and restaurant critic in Shanghai. When she’s not teaching or eating (the two things she does most), she’s traveling, cooking, freelancing, taking pictures, or cuddling with her rescue dog, Charlie.
Iulia P. DP Managing Editor
Iulia cultivated a strong sense of justice in her sophomore year, when she started advocating for animal welfare through social media and protests. She believes that words and ideas are powerful tools and effectively uses them to inspire change. As DP Managing Editor, Iulia aims to foster investigative journalism centered around environmental and social issues and hopes the content creators at The Bite will garner nationwide praise.
Eliza O. DP Creative Director
Eliza has a sharp eye for detail and is well-versed in color theory, skills she puts to good use as The Bite’s DP Creative Director. She believes visual storytelling is one of the most accessible methods of communicating relevant ideas to an audience, and aims to create a cohesive design style that attaches a visual to the voices of AISB students.
Gaby W. DP Social Media Manager
Gaby believes in using the power of social media to spark meaningful change. Through Instagram alone, she is able to connect to a worldwide network of activists and hopes to channel this passion into the AISB community. As the DP Social Media Manager, Gaby seeks to leverage The Bite’s platform and address key issues related to the environment and social justice, celebrating the student voice prevalent in AISB’s service groups.
Tai T. Lead Copy Editor
Tai has always loved stories, whether it be the knight in shining armor that defeated the big, evil beast, or the tales that ship captains bring back after months at sea. But more than listening to stories, she loves telling them, to be able to see her audience captivated in the latest anecdote. As the Bite’s Copy Editor, Tai strives to ensure that every single story about our community and the world around us is told in a way that it is never forgotten.
Luca M. Head Writer
Luca is a student athlete who has a passion for working out and going on adventures. He is always looking to find a new topic to learn about and research. If you see him around, don't be surprised if you catch him lifting random heavy objects.
Răzvan I. Writer
Răzvan is passionate about developing his knowledge by conducting research and interviews on relevant topics, particularly evergreen articles. He believes that if an individual has the necessary skills, he can make a great article out of any topic. In his spare time, Răzvan loves developing his financial proficiency, participating in water sports, and getting daily exercise.
Marta R. Writer
Growing up, Marta was always a passionate reader who dreamed of writing her own stories. And after discovering AISB's journalism program, she learned that she could use her compelling storytelling skills to give a voice to those who are quietly making change. As a writer, Marta is looking to create thought-provoking articles that bring new perspectives to some of our most relevant issues.
Sofia C.T. Writer/Photographer
Sofia works as a reporter and photographer for The Bite. She loves making moments last forever using her camera. Sofia joined AISB in 8th grade and instantly loved the community. She plays on the school football team as a goalkeeper and can't wait to improve her writing and photography skills through the next few years.
Kyran O. Writer
Kyran self-identifies as a pessimist. His profile picture is that of the puppet he made in drama class named Arccot. On the 24 Character Strengths test, Kyran's worst character strengths were spirituality, love, and honesty (in that order). For example, Kyran just lied about his profile picture; the picture of Arccot is his picture for The Bite, not his profile picture, which is just a "K", the default Google profile picture.
Aniek G. Writer
Aniek has a passion for bringing awareness to learning disabilities/disorders, having struggles with Dyslexia and multiple other things herself. She aims to use this opportunity to do just that and further her writing skills. She has a love for reading and writing and hopes to help other people feel more heard and understood/not so alone.
Nate L. Writer
Nate is a passionate musician from Missouri who is known to research random things in depth, and write about them. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, weightlifting, and reading a good book.
Pilar G. Writer
Pilar is an avid reader who is passionate about learning from different cultures and has found a recent interest in human interest stories. She believes that everyone has a story to be told and is hoping to use her role as a writer to further develop her writing and interviewing skills.
Avantika S. Graphic Designer
Avantika has been passionate about different forms of art ever since she was little. She enjoys experimenting with different mediums and has recently taken interest in digital art. Having lived in many different countries, Avantika has a love for traveling and trying new things. Some of her other interests include playing volleyball, watching sunsets, and spending time with her dog, Ginger.
Maja W. Graphic Designer
From her youngest years, Maja enjoyed expressing herself through art. She possesses the power of strong creational thinking and is deeply passionate about many forms of artistic expression, one of which is graphic design. This year, Maja hopes to explore her passion further, by focusing on digital art.
Carla A. News Anchor
Since a young age, Carla was a very loud, talkative child. With no shame in expressing herself through words, the majority of the noise echoing from hallways in her previous schools would always be coming from her. Now as our news broadcast team's anchor, she looks forward to expressing herself on-screen.
Carmen G. News Anchor
Carmen is known to be a very outgoing, social, positive person, who is also a hard worker and student athlete. While being part of the news broadcasting team, she hopes to convey these characteristics of her personality through her work; whether that be while interviewing, writing scripts, or anything else she might venture into.
Paul S. News Broadcast Film Editor
Paul is known to be kind, well-mannered, and athletic. He is always very helpful and tries to lead people the correct way and help them out, especially in sports. He is also trying to further his passions in technology, furthering his knowledge in filming and editing to help out his broadcast team.
Alan F. Podcast Team Member
Alan has always been interested in finding out what lies beneath the surface and what stories people have to tell. One thing that he loves to do is talk with people; and through this, he has found that podcasts are his passion.
Shaun R. Podcast Team Member
Shaun is a Shaun that is part of the ISA (International Shaun Association). He has recently won the Shaun Peace Prize for being the most Shaun you can be. He is currently undefeated.
Dominick B. Podcast Team Member
Dominick is originally from California, but has had to move around the world nearly his whole life. He enjoys nearly anything sporty and active, and for some reason writing stories and playing scenarios in his head. When he gets going and finds that rhythm, telling these stories becomes a passion.
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