Jennifer Stevens, Advisor

Before coming to AISB and starting up the school’s newspaper and journalism program, Ms. Stevens was a full-time writer, most recently working as a web editor and restaurant critic in Shanghai. When she’s not teaching or eating (the two things she does most), she’s traveling, cooking, freelancing, taking pictures, or cuddling with her rescue dog, Charlie.

Caileigh J, Copy Editor

After moving from a school in Shanghai to AISB, Caileigh was able to find her passion for theater and make amazing friends. She really enjoys traveling around the world, cooking new foods, and watching Netflix. If she’s not doing any of those things she is most likely hanging out with her friends.

Yaman K, Reporter

Yaman is a 10th grader at AISB. This is his fourth year at the school and first year as a reporter for The Bite. He's passionate about bringing light to relatively uncovered news topics. In his free time, he likes to watch random YouTube videos for hours.

Mia C, Marketing Manager

During the day, Mia is a hard-working student who takes every opportunity she has to work on school projects, special interests, and much more. But in the evenings, she likes to escape reality and lose herself in a good book. She’s hoping to make a change and contribute to society in the future.

Vittoria G, Graphic Designer

Vittoria moved to Romania last year, where she used to attend The Mark Twain International School. Now she's trying her best to integrate into the AISB community while distance learning. She loves drawing and playing volleyball.

Manon D, Video Editor

This is only Manon's second year at AISB, yet she has been working for the Bite both years. This year, Manon is the news broadcasting editor, trying to make videos as smooth and – more importantly – funny as possible. She likes hanging out with friends and doing way too many sports.

Sikander K, Podcast Producer

Sikander is in 10th grade and joined AISB in 7th grade. He enjoys playing sports and is now a part of the official podcast team. Tune in to listen to stories and to have a laugh.

Daria M, CAS Editor

Daria worked as a copy editor last year, and was recently promoted to Managing Editor for the 11th and 12th grade writers. She’s passionate about story telling and preserving local news, loves a good cup of coffee, and likes spending rainy days with her cat, Iuki.

Iulia P, Copy Editor

Before coming to AISB two years ago, Iulia’s favorite hobby was making music. However, as soon as she met her journalism teacher, Ms. Stevens, something changed. Now she’s working diligently as a copy editor for The Bite. When she’s not making use of her writing skills, Iulia spends most of her time not doing her chores or eating cannoli.

Gaby W, Web Designer

Sparked by a love of the illustrations in her childhood picture books, Gaby hopes to explore this passion as The Bite’s graphic/web designer. Among other things, Gaby loves to read, run, climb, and eat good food. She’s happiest in the middle of a field of sunflowers.

Dorian M, Reporter

As a sophomore, this is Dorian’s third year at AISB. He started writing articles for The Bite last year and is now part of the reporting team. He loves football and is a fervent fan of Paris Saint-Germain. He also has interests in traveling, writing, and food.

Nora C, Print Magazine Manager

Nora came to AISB 11 years ago and is now in 10th grade. She is the print magazine manager this year and is excited to see how it goes. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, hanging out with her friends, and learning new things.

Florian B, Video Editor

Florian is a 15-year-old Austrian who loves to play video games in his free time and hang out with friends. He’s been at the school for 4 years now and has traveled to more than 45 countries. He also has a 4-year-old poodle he loves very much.

Yoran V, News Anchor

Yoran has been at AISB since 7th grade and is now a sophomore. He loves playing football and tennis, and looks forward to improving his news anchor skills this year.

Adi S, Copy Editor

Joining the AISB Bite team, Adi is finally able to share her voice with the world. She enjoys traveling, writing, and music. In her free time, Adi enjoys going on adventures with friends along with painting and exploring new art museums. She hopes to create real change in the world and inspire others to speak out about things they are passionate about.

Anna S, Web Designer

Anna came to AISB in 2018 and this is her first international moving experience, so it was a big change. She loves to travel (although that sounds cliché) and she is usually out with her friends doing spontaneous new things.

Alex S, Reporter

Alex is a 10th grade reporter for The Bite. He’s passionate about helping others in any way he can and playing tennis. He also enjoys swimming, learning, and is always down to read a good book.

Jana S, Social Media Manager

Jana has been at AISB since the 5th grade and is now in grade 10. She loves to play sports and sing, but also makes bizarre decisions, such as cutting her hair out of boredom. Watch for her posts on Instagram.

Eliza O, Graphic Designer

Eliza has a sharp eye for detail and is a die-hard fan of paintbrushes, which she puts to good use as a graphic designer for The Bite. She thrives in gloomy summer weather, and spends most of her time asking people “What’s that?” when out in the city center.

Jaden W, News Anchor

Jaden has been at AISB since 7th grade and is now a sophomore. This year she is part of the news broadcasting team for the Bite. She loves to spend time with friends and family, play sports, and travel. She's grown up as a Third Culture Kid, previously attending international schools in Dubai and India.

Alex L, Podcast Producer

Before coming to AISB, Alex lived in the Middle East for 12 years. On the side, Alex plays two instruments and enjoys watching and playing sports. This is his second year in AISB and his first year working for The Bite as a part of the podcast team.

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