In December the AISB community collected food donations to Stuff the Bus once again! The annual school-wide initiative is led by AISB’s MAD (Make A Difference) service group with the help of Ms. Hofman, Mr. Van De Ven and the Mayor of Berceni and helps some of the residents of the village of Berceni, near Ploiesti.

Join Bite staff members Alya A. and Ayca S. as they follow the journey the bags take from AISB to the community of Berceni where they were privileged to meet the mayor of Berceni and hear her insight on her community and helping others.

Transferring the Bags to Berceni

With the help of students, teachers and AISB staff, the MAD service group took the donated bags of goods and placed them onto the buses for transfer.  Once all the packages had been placed in the buses and driven to Berceni they were then taken to a community center. Upon arrival, the buses were greeted by high school students who showed their appreciation by holding drawings handmade by elementary students and presenting a certificate of appreciation addressed to AISB. After the warm welcome, the students and adults helped unload the packages one by one into the community center.

After the bags full of supplies for the holidays were safely delivered, the families celebrated with Christmas music and joyous dancing. 

An Insight from the Mayor of Berceni

Cosmina Pandele, the mayor of Berceni, shares that after she was born and raised in the community, no matter where she went, she always thought of home. Twenty-three years ago, Pandele and some colleagues developed the Second Chance Charity to help the community she loves. 

Pandele recalls that her childhood never lined up with the reality of other families in Berceni because they didn’t have the same life of comfort. “Going to the places that they were living in was something that I could not stop thinking about. We visited homes with no heating or electricity or families who didn’t have clothes for the winter.” She couldn’t believe what she saw and this is one of the driving motives for her contributions to the community of Berceni.

While working with small groups from AISB, Pandele and Second Chance Charity members decided to create a whole school event; the birth of Stuff The Bus.

Pandele wants to express to all the donors and the AISB community that the donated food is very much appreciated and the families of Berceni value every bag. Thank you to everyone for participating in Stuff the Bus with special appreciation to Ms Hofman, Mr Van De Ven, and Mayor Cosmina Pandele!