Teenagers love taking photos everywhere. Our camera rolls are filled with hundreds of pictures that consist of selfies, portraits and landscape captures. However, out of all the hundreds of photographs, only a number are acceptable to upload to our Instagram pages.

Since spring is here, taking photos is a way to show off our feeds. Below are five perfect places to get the ideal Instagram post in Bucharest while exploring this lively city and capturing beautiful shots of the outdoors.

These places vary from artistic graffiti, old style architectures, vibrant umbrellas hanging from the sky and a beautiful park with reflections on the lake. Not only will there be multiple places to visit but also advice for taking the perfect picture to post, such as composition, lighting and the excellent moment to press capture. These insights come from Radu Nita and his Instagram feed Discover Bucharest, which has more than 31k followers.

Pasajal Victoria- Umbrella Alley

In the center of Bucharest there is an alley that has dozens of colorful umbrellas hanging two meters above your head. It is a very colorful scene that is the ideal place to pose underneath. It is located near a pizza restaurant called ‘Pizzeria Colesseum,’ so after posing and capturing a picture for Instagram you can treat yourself to a slice.

Location: Calea Victoriei, nr. 48-50 (Pasaj Victoria), București 030167

Flower Graffiti- Arthur Verona

Image source: http://mtb-tours.kerucov.ro.

Arthur Verona is a street filled with colorful graffiti creations like walls full of flowers, comic snippets, cartoon-like characters, dead rats and realistic figures. It is a wonderful place to take many creative pictures in different graffiti scenes all in the same street. Every mural is so different that there must be one for every passerby to admire and pose next to. To learn more, read “Street Delivery: The Manifesto of Smart Pedestrians.”

Location: Strada Pictor Arthur Verona, București 030167


Herastrau Lake

Going to the park is an amazing activity in the spring for riding your bike, taking a walk or just hanging out with friends, so pulling out your phone for a picture could take seconds and will end up gorgeous any time of day. Herestrau Park is one of Romania’s largest parks; however, the gem is the lake. It is an all-day reflector for its surrounding. Although the lake is 187 hectares and has so many perspectives, the best spot is next to the restaurants, sitting on the lake near the Chinese Embassy.

Location: Parc Herastrau, Sector 1, Bucharest, București 014192

George Enescu National Museum

This art nouveau entrance is extremely eye-catching and historic for one’s Instagram page. It was built in 1901 until 1903 by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, Romania’s former mayor and designed by the architect Ioan D. Berindei. It is a museum dedicated to Romania’s most famous musician, George Enescu. This building has historic architecture that is temping for photos. While you’re there, you should also explore the works of the musician and discover the life of Romania’s most successful musician.

Location: Calea Victoriei 141, București 010071

CEC Palace

CEC Palace is one of the most popular pictures tagged with #Discoverbucharest. It is a beautiful, historic building with glass rooftops and brick details that was built in 1900. Standing in front or beside this enormous bank gives the shot a stunning historic backdrop. It is placed in the center of Bucharest and is a perfect stop for taking photos and going out to eat or exploring the city more.

Location: Calea Victoriei 13, București 030022

Tips for taking great photos for Instagram, according to Radu Nita and Later.com, the #1 marketing platform for Instagram:

  1. “Any background that creates enough tension without being overwhelmingly chaotic” -Radu Nita
  2. The composition is extremely important, have all the factors in the photographs need to flow together. Direct the viewer to the subject of the picture while capturing a story or emotion. – Later.com
  3. “The most important thing in a photograph is the light. So, the seasons are not that relevant, each one with its magic. But the way how the light falls on the subject makes the difference. So, we can say the midday, when the sun is up, is less advantageous for outdoor photography.”- Radu Nita
  4. Photography in the golden hour when the sun sets is the greatest occasion to capture moments. – Radu Nita
  5. Under exposing the shot is extremely important as editing a dark image is easier than an over exposed one. On the phone just press the lightest area and the photo will automatically adjust its colors. – Later.com
  6. The rule of thirds: to do this one needs to go their camera’s settings and click on grid. Now when taking photos, a grid of 9 squares will appear and one just needs to align the subject within the grid. This allows the image to flow from one point to the other and create energy. – Later.com

Here are some apps to edit your Instagram posts:

  1. VSCO https://vsco.co/
  2. Snapseed https://itunes.apple.com/bm/app/snapseed/id439438619?mt=8
  3. A color story https://acolorstory.com/
  4. Touch retouch https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touchretouch/id373311252?mt=8

The city of Bucharest beholds many beautiful locations to brighten your feed up. Go grab your camera (or phone) and take advantage of the liveliness before you.