Almost 80% of the global female population wears makeup, but, according to Business Insider, makeup actually gets consumed mostly by young teenagers. The reason is that boys and girls start discovering more about themselves and better understanding their passions in high school.

Has this industry brainwashed young girls into actually ruining their faces, or is makeup just a fun, harmless passion?

Makeup is not only worn to hide imperfections, but it should also be seen as an art that anyone can create. A lot of young teenagers are able to express themselves through makeup every day and reveal a little more about their personalities. In addition, makeup can be applied daily and can vary based on one’s mood. For example, when someone is feeling happy and upbeat they tend to wear light and warmer tones of colors to frame the face.

Have you ever asked yourself, well, why do so many young girls apply makeup every morning? One of the biggest reasons is because it involves a fun process which also allows you to interpret more about yourself. Makeup allows you to play around with colors and undertones to understand your skin better.

There always happens to be this misunderstanding that makeup is worn to impress others, but many scientific studies show that makeup is often used to boost a person’s self-esteem. In fact, researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Chieti, Italy discovered that “female students who wear makeup cognitively benefit from the psychological phenomenon in which wearing cosmetics can make an individual feel a sense of overall enhancement in self-esteem, attitude, and personality,” reported by The Daily Mail. The researchers cite higher grades and test scores among their findings.

While higher self-esteem and boosted confidence might be enough to encourage people to have fun with makeup, there’s always an adult that says it will ruin our skin. But is this true? 


Renowned dermatologist, Androniki Skefopoulou, sets the story straight.

Q: What do you generally think about makeup and its effects on the skin?

A: “ I believe that if the makeup products are adjusted or proper for the skin type which means that oil based makeup should be used for dry skin non-oil based makeup should be used for greasy skin, that shouldn’t have any impact on the texture or on the quality of the skin.”


Q: Does makeup have any damaging permanent effect on teenagers?

A: “No, there is no study that proves that there are any long term effects, found after chronic uses, even if they start using products at a very young age. If the makeup is used properly and cleaned well then there shouldn’t be any effects especially for teenagers”.


Q: What age do you think it’s recommended to start wearing makeup?

A: “There is no specific age recommendation for when to use makeup. When a teenager or a woman feels like they should use makeup to feel better about herself to improve her self-esteem, then she should use makeup products. But there is no must. This is a decision that only the person that wants to wear it can answer since they are the ones who know there skin best.”


Q: Are there any makeup products that you recommend for teenagers?

A: “It all depends on the constituents of the makeup. If the proper makeup is used for the proper skin type then there should be no problem using any type of makeup. The most important factor is that the makeup is adjusted properly to the skin type and that it’s properly cleaned every afternoon. No makeup should be left on the skin at night when sleeping.”


After speaking with Skefopoulou, we are able to confidently say that makeup does not actually have any damaging effects.


If you want to have fun with makeup and use some basic products that are recommended and are top-selling at the moment:

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Concealer for dry skin: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Highlighter: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Bronzer: The hula bronzer

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Dry skin foundation: Born This Way Too Faced


At the end of the day, everyone is beautiful and nothing should ever get in the way of seeing that. Makeup is a choice that can be a fun way of expressing yourself.  It is an art that is personalized, so everyone’s makeup is always going to vary, meaning there will never be a good nor bad look because we are all different.