In this feature video, tenth graders (and Bite staff members) Evelyn S and Claire D give insight into their experience at this year’s ISTA trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Along with supervisors and mentors, Jamie Cant (MYP and DP Theatre) and Rachel Caldwell (AISB Director), they showcase the groups involvement in all the activities and theatre pieces performed. Go Vampires!

What is ISTA? What does it mean to AISB?

The International School Theatre Association (ISTA) is a UK based organization that strives to bring the passion of theatre to students and mentors around the globe. Founded in 1978, they use the ISTA ensemble method and collaborative approach to empower young people to be creative and advocate for change and perspective around the world. 

Each year, they produce and run more than 80 festivals and events, offering schools throughout the whole world an opportunity to participate and be educated by professional theatre practitioners. 

When asked about the relationship between our school and ISTA, Jamie Cant mentioned how genuine his previous experiences were and how much they care about our safety and theatre journey. 

[ISTA] is an invitation –  a hand extended in friendship and collegiality to ensure the students and staff of AISB feel welcomed into a truly international community of theatre practitioners

Jamie Cant (DP & MYP Theatre)


For more information about ISTA or about their upcoming programs please feel free to visit their website

The Bite team thanks you for coming along on their journey to Switzerland! Please let us know what other kinds of AISB trips you would like to see in the comments!