From today (May 27th), The Bite will start selling merchandise, which will initially include black t-shirts and hoodies, and will hopefully expand to mugs and water bottles next school year.

What’s the goal?

This initiative is part of a grade 9 marketing project. According to group member Meghan S, “The goal is to get more visitors by selling merchandise, which will advertise The Bite at the school and in Bucharest.”

The group wants to use this money to fund events in the future such as parties and trivia nights, as well as to improve the journalism program.

How much, and where can you buy?

Since this is a test run (we want to see how much of a demand there is for Bite merchandise), we only ordered a large handful of t-shirts and hoodies. They’ll be sold in room 319 during school hours. The price is 50 lei for a shirt and 130 for a hoodie. You can also pre-order on our merchandise page.

Tell us: Would you buy Bite merch? Let us know in the comments what type of products you think we should carry. We hope to have more options next school year!