Since March 18th, the front entrance of Promenada Mall has been taken over by food trucks. They’ll be parked there through April 14th, serving burgers, tacos, and other types of “street food” from 11am to 8pm each day.

Having seen the billboards for a couple of weeks now, we decided to pop over to see if it’s worthwhile.

Immediately after leaving the mall, coming from the garage, we were hit by a waft of grilled meat and roast. Walking down the stairs, we were greeted by music (they have a DJ), bright colors, manageable crowds and, of course, food.

We did an initial scouting of all the trucks, and were impressed with the relaxed seating area, including bean bags, clean tables and lofty beats.

Our first stop: Lazy Duck

This food truck appealed to us, as it seemed to offer the unusual attraction of slow cooked pulled duck. We opted for the harmless starter of Duck Fries for 20 Lei, in order to try as much as possible without getting full .

The truck itself was nice, service was good, and in English. They did deny our interview request, but it happens.

The fries were good, well seasoned overall, with a nice balance of herbs and salt. Red onions were the perfect addition to cut through the fat; although the duck was a bit dry.

We also tried the Lazy Duck for 25 Lei. Pretty good burger, thanks to the condiments and rocket salad. But again, the duck itself was dry.

Next up: Arrosticini

Arrosticini is a food truck you see at all Bucharest food truck festivals, and the food has become pretty popular among lamb lovers and seekers of great Italian street food.

We ordered the truck’s signature dish: lamb skewers on bread (25 Lei), along with deep fried olive balls and black mozzarella truffle balls (both 22 Lei). The skewers were seasoned only slightly and grilled to a nice medium. The olives were breaded and fried until crisp, which we hadn’t seen before. The real star here though were the black mozzarella truffle balls. We’ll probably go back this week just to get another portion.

Circus Pub

Award-winning burger truck (“Best Burger 2017” is proudly displayed) Circus Pub has amazing- and moreover, amazingly creative burgers.

The daring Mazel Tov burger (25 Lei) for example, is completely kosher, made with grilled beef, red bell pepper; hummus and halloumi. It was quite the memorable burger, in the best way possible.

Smokin’ Pig

Perhaps Bucharest’s most famous food truck, Smokin’ Pig was as always, friendly, and the food was great.

As far as cheesy fries (12 Lei) go, these were pretty good. But then again, how can you go wrong with fried potatoes topped with cheddar cheese sauce? Nothing to complain about, but nothing extraordinary either.

Wurst Wagen

Notorious in the German community for not being exactly outstanding, we tried our luck at Za German Wurst Wagen.

With fairly funny names like The Dogfather and Breaking Bread, quite good hot dogs are sold, albeit not exactly too German of a dish. Averaging 25 Lei for the most part, we recommend if you’re in the mood for a dog and like a good pun.

Of course we saved room for dessert.

A truck called Zobuian displayed a variety of tarts and pastries, but we were after the cannolis (8 Lei a piece). Well worth the 8 Lei, we recommend the pistachio.

For anyone looking for stuffed waffles, head to the mall’s side entrance. With only a couple trucks, it’s not very atmospheric, but the truck called “Waffles” made up for it. We opted for brittle and Nutella for one, another with whipped cream and bananas, and yet another with honey and Nutella. All were great, and each cost a fair 15 Lei.

Conclusively, we had a great time. We felt that while the food wasn’t necessarily cheap, it was in line with the overall quality. In terms of variety, we weren’t able to get to every truck; but since the festival is running through April 14th, we plan to return soon.