Have you ever wondered if Instagrammers do it better? We baked and compared four different chocolate chip cookies to find you the best recipe out there!

1st Cookie: @baranbakery

Image: Baran Bakery recipe

The first recipe tested was caramel chocolate chip cookies from Baran Bakery. This cookie was trickier to make in terms of following the recipe precisely as there were many ingredients and processes, like the caramel that needed to be made. The prep time was longer than predicted although the baking time was fairly accurate. Overall, this cookie was relatively sweet due to the inclusion of both caramel and chocolate chips. This cookie was soft but crumbly and perfect to impress your neighbors.

2nd Cookie: Tasty

Image: Tasty

Next we tried the classic chocolate chip cookie by Tasty. The cooking time for this cookie was faster than predicted because the oven was already warm from the other tests and the prep time was accurate to what the recipe predicted. The taste of the cookie was fairly balanced as it was not overwhelmingly sweet.

In comparison, we felt the Tasty cookie was better than the first cookie. The classic flavor, combined with a shorter prep and baking time make this perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon at home. The fact that it was a simpler cookie made the process much easier. On the other hand, if you want a more sophisticated cookie, definitely try out the first recipe.

3rd Cookie: @bluebowlrecipes 

Image: Blue Bowl Recipes

This chocolate chip recipe by Blue Bowl was by far the sweetest cookie of all the tests as there is more chocolate included. The prep time was accurate to what the article predicted, however, the baking time was a bit longer since it was the first batch of cookies that were baked. If you’re looking for a sweet, chocolatey cookie then this is the choice for you.

4th Cookie: JoyFoodSunshine

Image: JoyFoodSunshine

The last cookie recipe we tested, by Joy Food Sunshine, is another classic chocolate chip cookie that we found was also fairly sweet. The baking of this batch took longer than predicted but the prep time was pretty accurate. The taste of these cookies was balanced in terms of sweetness and saltiness, however, after eating a few cookies we could definitely begin to taste the sweetness.

We feel the Blue Bowl cookies had a nicer taste due to the abundance of chocolate chips that gave them a richer flavor than the others. If you want a classic cookie this last recipe is better suited for you but if you want a more unique experience then the third cookie is a good choice.

So there you have it; four recipes comparing the best chocolate chip cookies out there! What do you want us to test next?