At the beginning of the year, CAS Journalism students were asked to plan a week of content for The Bite. It could be any type of media on any subject, just so long as it was something they were collectively passionate about. 

It didn’t take long to settle on a topic: Mental Health in the Diploma Program

Next week, we’ll be posting a series of articles, creative writing pieces, and even a video centered around the wellbeing of AISB DP students. We’ll also be hosting a “quiet room” for 11th and 12th graders to use throughout the week, during their free blocks.

This room will be cozy and comfortable with bean bags and blankets. There will be puzzles, coloring books and a diffuser–all of which will make a peaceful and calming space. The room will have snacks, drinks, and quiet music. And there will be no work here. It will be the perfect place to go to get away from that biology test or the looming deadline of your Math IA. The idea of this room is to create a comfortable space at school where you are not expected to work. 

Check out this video to find out where this room is located: