On April 19-22, AISB’s coordinator for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DofE) program—Chuck Adams and Quentin Young—recently organized an Adventurous Journey in the Măcin Mountains of Romania. Twenty eligible Silver and Bronze Award participants completed the expedition.

The Bite fielded its own team, consisting of grade 10 students Evelyn S, Opal B, Ayca S, Darya Y, and special grade 12 guest, Rares M. In this video, they share their experiences and perseverances throughout the expedition. The journey consisted of a three day hike and two nights of camping, testing the participants’ endurance and ability to adapt. For the Silver Award, teams had to be trekking for a minimum of 7 hours each day, though The Bite team’s longest day came in at 10 hours. Come along with The Bite to see their survival skills challenged and what the DofE program is all about!

Check out The Bite’s previous article about The Duke of Edinburgh International Award to get more information about the program and how to participate.