We’ve arrived at the end of the first semester and now a whole new round of assessments and exams await. However, the refreshing feeling of a reset can actually be very beneficial to our mental health.

A Fresh Start

At the start of a new year, the phrase, ‘new year, new me’ is often used as a method of self affirmation and encouragement to start a healthy life routine. This can be applied to other kinds of resets, especially new school semesters. Oftentimes, people take advantage of a fresh start to set up new habits and routines.

There are many ways people reset the semester, and experts believe that creating a stable routine, getting physical activity and spending time outdoors are all great ways to boost your wellbeing.

On the other hand, due to the recent pandemic, mental health issues and disorders have been on the rise and it can be hard to keep up a stable schedule. Luckily, with every coming year, many people feel like they have another chance at being their best self and improving their lifestyle.

Goal setting

Image from Pixabay

The start of a new semester can be intimidating for many, and for others it can mean new opportunities. Setting yourself up for academic success can be challenging, but creating goals for yourself can aid you in the start of the new semester.

Goal setting is a proven method of increasing productivity and motivation, as well as helping with the recovery of people with poor mental health. Goals can also help to identify personal values and prioritization, which is very valuable when it comes to education and academic success.

It is certainly not uncommon to slip up on a goal, but it’s an important part of the process, and remember that everybody has off-days when it may be difficult to stay motivated. However, achieving a goal gives a great sense of satisfaction, so don’t give up on your goals for the new semester!