The Personal Project is something that many MYP students fear when they enter the 10th grade. It’s a huge task that takes almost a year to complete, where students create a product, report on the process, present it, and write a report that’s between 1,500 to 3,500 words to send off to the IB.

Despite it being a lot of work, it can be enjoyable. But how? Well, we reached out to some of the current 10th graders to get some tips.

Sandra K: Creating Artwork

Pictures of her drawings.

“My personal project idea was to create three artworks reusing waste materials in order to inspire others to become more environmentally friendly, and each of them depicted a major issue occurring in Kenya.”


  • Not to procrastinate.
  • Choose an easy project because you’ll probably end up hating it anyway.

Tudor I: Building a Dog House

“I built an insulated dog house and created a method on how to do it properly.”


  • Pick a product that is easy to achieve/ build/ create, as the actual product makes up a small portion of the grade so they shouldn’t waste their time with it.
  • Choose something that can be done at home without needing extra help, as you will only be able to do it alone.
  • Make a product that can be tested because that way you can talk about if it was successful or not.
  • Choose a product that can be carried out like a science experiment as they are often easy and there is plenty to talk about.

Ioana D: “Humans of Bucharest”

“For my project, I wrote and designed a book about the life stories of the people of Bucharest and conveyed how their feelings, values, and beliefs were shaped by their previous experiences.


  • Choose something you’re passionate about, as it would make the process more enjoyable and effective, and it would also provide a greater inner satisfaction after the project is completed.

Niki B: Making Eco-friendly Face Oil

“I made an eco-friendly and natural acne oil. I used a combination of five different essential oils that are known for killing bacteria and being anti-inflammatory.”


  • Be thorough with your writing process in the journal on ManageBac.
  • Do a lot of research.
  • I can’t stress this enough, but time management is key.

Gal O: Designing an Apartment Building

“I designed my own apartment building; but I designed it in a new technological style of building so that was where I had to look into my global context.”


  • Your product is not the only thing you’re going to present,;when you do show up for the exhibition you’ll need visuals, posters etc. I recommend putting that together into your planning schedule, along with the actual product itself.
  • Meet with your supervisor often.
  • Choose a friendly supervisor who is also responsible and helpful.
  • Don’t choose a teacher that can help you because you can’t use your supervisor as a source.
See, it’s not so bad. Picture from this year’s Personal Project Exhibition.

And, finally, some tips from MYP and Personal Project Coordinator Andy Pontius:

  • Follow your passions. Do something you truly love to do and something you see as a future career because that makes the whole process easy.
  • To improve time management skills, you will have to work on the project several times a week. Have a list, be organized, but you have to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing.

The Personal Project at a Glance:

Month Planning Steps

June – Aug

Get a supervisor and create a goal statement and inquiry question for your product.

Aug – Sept

Research and start writing your first process journal entries.Create product/ outcome specifications.

Oct – Dec
Continue process journal entries and complete the product/ outcome.


Keep writing process journal entries and create the display for the Personal Project Exhibition.


Write up the first draft of the report; get feedback from your supervisor, then write and submit the final draft.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below!