Sit down, relax, and put your hands together for the long-awaited return of performing arts to AISB. 

This Saturday, a group of talented high school students will perform the play, The Coat and Its Curious Travels, at 14:00 in AISB’s Central Park courtyard.

Why this play and what is it about?

AISB Drama Teacher and Play Director Jennifer Lawless says she chose this work because it’s “deeply relatable,” while still retaining an “absurdist” style of storytelling.

In the play, a man named Poosch accidentally leaves his coat with all of his identification in another country while traveling, and only realizes this once he arrives home. “He is illegally in his home country, and his coat is legally out of his country,” Lawless describes. 

Some of the cast members, during Monday’s rehearsal.

“I love how the playwright takes us on an absurdist journey that examines bureaucracy and identity. It begs the question, ‘How do you know who you are if you can’t prove who you are?’” —Lawless

One of the main factors considered when choosing a play this year was ensuring that it allowed for a big cast, which would provide many roles and opportunities for students. In fact, 13 actors play 30 different roles; some of the actors have as many as four roles. 

What will the final performance look like?

As mentioned earlier, the performance will be taking place outside, in AISB’s Central Park. Audience members will need to bring blankets or lawn chairs for seating, and dress warmly.

This is the first time AISB has hosted a production in this way, and Lawless says the lack of lighting and sound amplification provided in the theater could make it much more difficult for actors to effectively display location and mood.

Even though the play will be outside, there will still unique props, designed by students.

“There are no technical elements,” she says, “which is unusual for me. I really like lighting, and using lighting and sound in order to enhance moments.”

Although there are complications, the cast and crew will not allow them to become a barrier, and stop them from producing an incredible performance. In fact, they carefully chose a stage area where sunlight will shine directly on the actors. 

In a way, this type of production brings theater back to its roots—when all plays were subject to the elements. 

Lawless says that, “At its essence, in its earliest form, theater was outside without additional lighting, without amplification of sound…and so we’ve really boiled it down to its essence.”

Event Details

  • Starting at 13:00, AISB service organizations will be selling hot drinks and baked goods.
  • The play will start at 14:00 and will run for approximately 1 hour. There will be no intermission.
  • Admission is free.
  • Audience members of all ages are invited, and will need to bring their own seating (blankets are recommended).
  • All visitors will need to wear masks and show their Green Pass or negative test (antigen or PCR, taken within 48 hours).

“Get everything before, have a seat, sit back, and enjoy,” Lawless encourages.