Are you running late to go somewhere? Do you just want to chill at home and watch a movie? Do you and your friend want to make something yummy?

If you answered yes to most questions above, here are (in my opinion) the top 3 Tiktok-sourced recipes that supposedly take less than 10 minutes to make, and are effective when times are short and you are too lazy.

After making each recipe, I will be rating each dish based off how long it took to make, how it tasted, presentation, and if it worked or not.

Tiktok Recipe #1: Oreo Mug Cake

For this Oreo Mug Cake, it is supposed to take 01:30 to make in the microwave and below 5 minutes to mix both the milk and the Oreo. For me, it took exactly less to mix the milk and the Oreo so that worked out well, but for the microwave, it took 02:30 to heat up.

How it Tasted: 8/10 I give this dish this score because the taste was really good and sugary which i’m not a big fan of sugary dishes, but I would make it again because it would be super fun to do when you are having a movie night or you are making something with a friend.

Presentation: 6/10 The Oreo Mug Cake didn’t quite look like the video (it didn’t look much like a cake though), but it still had the consistency and texture that it should have had, so that worked well.

Worked or Not This recipe worked out well and was very effective when you are lazy and want to make a fun snack.

Tiktok Recipe #2: Tanghulu

For this Tanghulu recipe, it took me 10-15 minutes to make which is what the video also claimed to take, plus it was very fun to pick out any fruits I wanted to do and make them crunchy and as a candy.

How it Tasted: 10/10 The Tanghulu tasted super yummy and was very crunchy, just like the video indicated, and the syrup with the fruit created such a nice combination that tasted amazing.

Presentation: 9/10 The fruits with the syrup on top looked super professional and perfect plus with the crunchiness on it.

Worked or Not This recipe worked out so well. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try eating a fruit with a crunchy syrup taste on it which you would want to do with a friend.

Tiktok Recipe #3: Viral Breakfast/Lunch Sandwich

For this Viral Breakfast/Lunch Sandwich, it took me 5 minutes to make it and add the ingredients to the sandwich. Also, the process was very easy and you didn’t need too many ingredients which is also effective in moments when you are late and want to make something fast to enjoy.

How it Tasted: 8/10 This recipe tasted really good, but I didn’t like the combination of the lettuce and avocado with the rest of the ingredients inside of the sandwich, personally I am not a big fan of those 2 ingredients but if you are then you would fall in love with it.

Presentation: 9/10 The sandwich looked very pleasing and yummy, with the omelet being around the bread. Anyone would look forward to eating this dish!

Worked or Not This recipe worked well, but if the avocado and the lettuce were removed then it would taste even better, in my opinion, but I would make it again whether I’m running late or I’m lazy.