Now that we’re back to school, it’s time to break out of our lazy summer habits and get organized. You’re probably already using Google Docs, Google Slides, and Gmail, but there are many more productivity tools available, all of which are included in the G Suite (Google App) package provided by AISB.

*You can access the features below by opening a new Google tab, clicking on the “Apps” icon (3×3 squares) in the top right corner, and clicking on “More.” You can also download them as Chrome extensions or on your phone via Play Store or App Store.

1. Google Keep

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If you’re in search of an improved version of Sticky Notes (Windows) or Notes (Mac), Google Keep is one of the best choices out there. This app allows you to organize your notes by labelling and sorting them by different categories. You can also use it to make grocery lists, write reminders, or divide tasks for group projects.

Link to Google Keep

2. Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is an extremely helpful tool when arranging events and keeping up with project deadlines. You can directly schedule meetings with students or teachers by adding their email address, the specific time and location, and a description of the event. The app also automatically displays tasks on Google Classroom, which are color-coded by classes.

To add ManageBac events, click on ‘Other Calendars’, go to ‘From URL’, then paste in this link:

Link to Google Calendar

3. Google Sites

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Google Sites is a website-creating interface suitable for students or beginners. You can upload posts, videos, maps, surveys, as well as calendars. The editing tab, which has a similar format to that of Google Docs, allows you to easily customize the website’s design to your liking.

There are many instructional videos on YouTube that explain specific Google Sites features in detail. If you need guidance, visit one of the well-known channels, Technology for Teachers and Students.

Link to Google Sites

4. Apogee (Citation Creator)

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Apogee is a Chrome extension that automatically generates MLA 8 and APA Chicago citations. The app saves a lot of time as it only requires a few clicks to create a citation – whereas NoodleTools takes a minute or two as you fill in the source information manually. On Apogee, you can view older versions of articles, as well as the credibility score of your sources (rated based on user feedback).

Link to Apogee

Do you have any other apps or extensions that you would recommend to students? Tell us in the comments!