Are you tired of listening to the same old repetitive rappers over and over? Do you want to fill your playlist with some fresh music? If so, then you are in the perfect place. This article is going to cover the top five rappers who are most likely going to blow up in 2018.

Throughout the 90’s when rap music started gaining popularity, rap songs were known for their complex lyrics and simple instrumental beat. However, during the last five years, the music genre has changed vastly. Modern rap contains simpler lyrics and relies mostly on the rapper’s flow and the beat of the song. Although 90’s rap is said to be the best of all time, we’ve selected five rappers who are expected to reach fame in 2018.


Warning! If you feel uncomfortable and disturbed when hearing bad words, we advise you to not listen to numbers 1 and 4.

Cousin Stizz

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This 25-year-old rapper Stephen Goss (known by his stage name “Cousin Stizz”) started his rap career in 2014 and slowly earned attention around 2016 when his first album “Suffolk County” dropped. Born in Massachusetts, Cousin Stizz dropped his biggest hit “No Bells” in 2016, reaching 3.4 million views on Youtube, and catching the attention of rappers such as Offset, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, and 21 Savage.

“I’m telling you Trevon, once he releases his song featuring me, he’s gon’ get that fame,” says Offset in an interview. His fans and many rappers believe that 2018 is going to be his year, and are anxiously awaiting his new album, which he promised to release quite soon. What separates Cousin Stizz from other rappers today is that he produces music that gets you moving at a party, and at the same time sends a meaningful message towards the public.


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The upcoming underground rapper Ohtrapstar began his musical journey on Soundcloud, an app which allows music producers to upload and share their music. Ohtrapstar started gaining popularity once his first hit “Choppa” dropped in late 2017, reaching a total of 2.2 million views in just 3 months.

“Even though this is his only song which earned more than a million views, it’s also one of his only songs created,” explains says Jako M., an underground rap expert, “so once he starts producing more music he’s definitely going to blow up this year.”

“The reason why Choppa is blowing up is because it’s so catchy that the lyrics don’t even matter to this point,” says Adam from No Jumper, a rap industry organization. “Everyone is listening to the song because of his catchy hook and especially his flow.” The young rapper may not be as lyrically talented, but his catchy hooks and flows have earned him the 4th spot on our list.


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Destin Route (better known as “J.I.D.”) is a 27-year-old rapper from Atlanta. He is signed by the rap artist J Cole, and has released two albums in the last two years. His newer album “The Never Story,” which came out in 2017, has gained him quite a lot of attention with his songs “Never” hitting 3 million views, “D/vision” making it to 1 million views, and “Hedetery” nearly reaching 1 million views.

J.I.D. is a lyrically gifted rapper who was influenced by other rappers such as J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Wiz Khalifa. “The reason why I signed him is because he’s unique and has his own style,” says J Cole. “He isn’t like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty or any other mainstream rapper.” The young rapper sends a meaningful message about black discrimination to the public by rapping his strong lines over a fast catchy beat, which separates him from the rest of the rappers today.

6 Dogs

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Just like Ohtrapstar, Chase “6 Dogs” Amick, the 18-year-old rapper from Atlanta, also began producing music on Soundcloud in 2016. When Chase’s parents first discovered his music, they grounded him, but this didn’t stop him from keep making more music. He first started getting noticed in 2017 when he dropped one of his first songs “Faygo Dreams” which received 5.2 million views, motivating him to keep producing music. The rapper’s new music video is currently blowing up, reaching 2 million views in just three weeks.

“I wouldn’t include 6 Dogs in my top 5 list,” Jako M. claimed. “You know why? Because looking at the views he’s getting, he would already blow up by the time this article is up.” The reason why 6 Dogs made this list is because of his relaxing original style: when he calmly raps to a chill hip-hop beat, switching up his tone every once in a while.



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Jahmier Velazquez, a 19-year-old Venezuelan rapper known as “Comethazine” started making music in 2016 and getting noticed by rappers for his musical talent in 2018. The Venezuelan rapper’s newest song “Piped Up” has reached 1.4 million views in just 2 months, becoming his most successful song. Comethazine uses simple rhymes through a creative flow on a simple beat. He also adds adlibs to the background, forming a very catchy song.

“What I like about Comethazine is that he’s a young energetic guy who brings out positivity and joy through his music,” says Adam from No Jumper. “This is what the new generation wants, so if he keeps doing what he’s doing he’s going to make it soon.” The Venezuelan rapper has already started communicating and will collaborate with famous rappers such as Ugly God, Smokepurpp, and Xxxtentacion. This will give the upcoming rapper a huge boost in his music career, guaranteeing him to blow up and earn fame in 2018.


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