Don’t we all have that one show that we’ve gotten hooked on? As fans, we all come up with interesting ideas about the characters and the plot. We’re then left to wonder whether they’re true or not. And once the show ends, we’re always craving more.

These shows may not be as popular as some others, but the main conflicts and the characters always bring something interesting to the feast of fans. With the intense story lines that border romance and tragedy, and enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, here are our top five TV shows to watch if you’re in the mood for a conspiracy theory.


Supernatural: Was John Winchester’s nightmare part of The Walking Dead?

Supernatural is about two brothers, named Dean and Sam Winchester, who hunt and kill evil beings that terrorize innocent people. Later in the show, it becomes more in-depth and tragic for the two protagonists as angels demand their fate and demons interfere. What if their father John also interferes?

After John’s death, when he is brought to Hell, it is believed that while he is in Hell, the show The Walking Dead is linked to his own afterlife. His insanity and unstable nature reveals itself during his time in Hell until the Gates of Hell were opened. As John said himself, he had a wife who was killed in the apocalypse. What if he remembers his wife Mary who was killed by a demon?

Now here is another question: Why doesn’t he remember when he was alive? Many fans say that while he was in the Underworld, he had amnesia. Unfortunately, there is no concrete proof of this theory. But, hey, it’d be great to have a crossover episode of these two shows.


Adventure Time: Do the characters represent the nations from The Cold War?

Who wouldn’t love Adventure Time with such lovable characters? It’s about a human named Finn and his talking dog Jake that fight against evil and always travel for, well, adventure! Romance, fun, and action takes place, but is there more to the story of the characters than we think?

Fans believe that the Ice King represents the USSR;  Simon Ice King represents Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution; and while Simon is putting on the crown for Marceline, it represents the initial good intentions of the communist party and the revolution. The Ice King then represents the shift to oppressive and harsh regimes within the USSR. Princess Bubblegum represents East Germany because of her random use of German words. Finn supposedly represents the USA as he is much younger than most characters and has a naive desire to solve everyone’s problems, which reflects Americas intention to protect the world from communism.


The Walking Dead: Is Rick immortal?

Fighting for the ones you love but also your own survival, The Walking Dead is about a zombie apocalypse with a group of people who fight to live and travel. They face many challenges of infection, death, betrayal, while losing their way in the world.

Some fans of this show have theorized this for fun: Rick is infected like everyone else, but there is a catch; for him, it is dormant. It keeps him from harm and helped him survive a coma, back in season 1 where he awakens from in the hospital when the apocalypse already began.


Invader Zim: Is the school really an insane asylum?

Want to see an alien fail to take over the world all the time? Well, Zim is the alien just for you. This show is about his decision to invade planet Earth under his superior’s orders to have a promotion. But every time he tries to take over the world, a human boy named Dib always manages to stop him and save the day.

Aliens don’t exist, you say? Well, you might be right about that, but let’s see what the possibly true story behind this show is.

It is believed that the school is just an Insane Asylum where all the students are patients and the teachers are really nurses and doctors. Dib was born when his mom was on drugs, and dies soon after and he’s been diagnosed with many illnesses. Dib’s sister, Daz, dies two days after her birth. As for Zim, he never knew his parents because he was abandoned. When doctors find him, his brain is rotten and he has a lethal skin infection.


Gravity Falls: Ties to the Illuminati?

The two main characters, twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, always find a way to have a monster chase them. They found a mysterious book called “Journal 3” which contains the tales and descriptions of the many cryptids that lurk their town Gravity Falls. Always facing enemies and allies, they will, in the end, face the greatest threat to their town. The series’ main villain, Bill Cypher, has many plans.

Bill is never to be trusted, especially with a higher power of humans. Many fans believe the show has ties to the  Illuminati, mainly due to Bill, whose triangular body and one eye is a dead giveaway. In this loving show, it is believed that the Illuminati originated from Bill.

Humans who are of higher status may have formed a cult for Bill and worshiped him as a god. Whoever is in the cult helps Bill with his powers and that’s one of the reasons why he is so powerful. There is no solid evidence that this is true, but the Gravity Falls fans love to imagine this theory.


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