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It’s almost the end of the semester, and tons of assignments are pouring in. More students are seen studying with their headphones on, but does music actually help them focus? Well, here are the five types of music — known to improve your productivity — that you should be listening to this week.

1. Classical Music

Classical music’s soothing melody has been proven to decrease brainwaves and increase concentration, especially when studying. For example, a report in Learning and Individual Differences found that classical music makes students more receptive to information. Below are some of the most calming piano tunes to try out:

Mozart classical music
Yiruma’s Piano

2. Nature Sounds

Our natural world doesn’t fall short of soundscapes; it also enhances our cognitive functioning. Researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School state that listening to nature sounds promotes recovery from psychological stress. Here are some selections:

Relaxing Nature Sounds
Soothing River Sounds

3. Jazz Music

According to trade-schools.net, jazz can provide a neutral yet pleasant backdrop that doesn’t divert your attention from studying. Senior professor William Klemm at Texas A&M University recommends listening to instrumental jazz, which lacks lyrics, for effective stress reduction. Here are some examples:

50 Unforgettable Jazz Tracks
Relaxing Jazz Music

4. Ambient & Electronic Music

Ambient music prioritizes its rhythm over its lyrics, which is best for concentration. According to the Journal of Consumer Research, the repetition of simple, electronic melodies improves the listeners’ creative process. Try the videos below for stress alleviation:

Ambient Music for Focus
Deep Relaxation Ambient Music

5. Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Lo-Fi music comes from Low-Fidelity (low audio quality), which means the notes are deliberately displayed and distorted. According to hyde.edu, Lo-Fi’s intentional musical flaws can trigger reactions in the cerebrum and improve focus. On top of this, combining Lo-Fi with hip hop makes the music catchier and more fun to listen to. Have a try at these music mixes:

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Mix
Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats Mix

Tell us: Which types of music do you listen to when you study? Why do you like it the best? Share in the comments below!