Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, the Class of 2020 DP Visual Arts students were unable to showcase their work at school. Fortunately, they decided to display their exhibitions at home or create digital renditions for us to view virtually.

“Showing the art exhibition digitally gives everyone the chance to view the beautiful artwork and hear about the meaning and inspiration from each of the talented artists,” says DP Art student and project curator Bella M. “Even though people weren’t able to view it in person, the exhibition has no expiration date, and is something that will still be able to be viewed years in the future.” 

Without further ado, please enjoy the amazing work created by our seniors:

“Walk in the Past, Present, Future” by Jade M.

“Targeted by Hate” by Bella M.

“Illusion” by Ilinca G.

“A to Be” by Gaya M.

“Life of a Mortal” by Aleyra C.

“In What Direction” by Irina C.

“Angles of Life” by Jillaine S.