We have had one heck of a year over here at The Bite. We started up a new podcast, created our first-ever print magazine, started selling our own merch, published nearly 200 student-written articles, and even got recognized by the BBC! Needless to say, we’re ready for a vacation.

But first, we need to say goodbye. Make sure to check out Tea’s article about Dr. Brindley’s graduation from AISB, and Daria’s human interest piece on the irreplaceable Mr. and Mrs. Parnell.

Additionally, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been putting out quite a bit of content for LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and have also changed our logo for the month of June to celebrate equality. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the stories.

And finally, here’s a short comic from soon-to-be-10th-grader Daria, entitled, “The Procrastinator’s New School Year Resolutions.” Enjoy your summer. We’ll see you back at The Bite in August!