Now that the first day of school is over and done, it’s time to start getting back into the routine–and for many of us, that means getting involved with service learning. 

We’ve put together a small snapshot of some of the groups, but also know that you can start your own. According to Ms. Hofman, the AISB Service Learning Coordinator, “The real dream we have is that the children create their own Service Learning Groups.”

Service Learning Groups at AISB

Here at AISB, we have loads of service groups that evoke interest. To begin with, we have all of the student councils that deliberately care for events that our school hosts. Just to get you started, the Arts Council is one of the many councils that have impacted our lives at this school. Monthly on Fridays, from 1:10 PM to 1:40 PM, middle and high school students perform their talents in front of their peers during Lunch Lounge.

When it comes to helping out the community inside of our school academically, look no farther than the Peer Tutoring Club. This body of 9th and 10th graders offer support to any elementary or middle school student, in English, French, Spanish, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, … you name it! The Peer Tutoring Club is open for both new tutors and tutees at all times.

Have you heard of the kind-hearted story behind the beginning of HIV + Group? Gunel A, the Student Group Leader at AISB has made helping people deal with HIV diagnosis possible. What better way to continue this cause than being a part of the HIV Support Group?

Do you love nature and care deeply for the environment around you? Then, Roots & Shoots is the perfect service group for you. You will spend weekly time for the maintenance of the greenhouse, hosting clean-up events in the Baneasa forest, and will work with the elementary students as an after-school activity.

“If you also think no person facing illness should stand alone, then join the fight for Romania that HOSPICE has been in for the past quarter of a century.” This is what stands on the Casa Sperantei Hospice homepage as they celebrate their 25 year anniversary. Share this moment with them and join!

Amnesty International focuses on human rights. At AISB, this group works on issues including bullying, discrimination, and the refugee crisis. The Amnesty International Service Group hosted a successful event to lift the curtain on the Roma Population earlier this year. If you believe in freedom, and peace from prejudice, then this is the group to become a member of.

Have you heard of the “Stuff the Bus” fundraiser? Well, it is all thanks to the Making A Difference (M.A.D.) student service group for making this possible. Together you can make a difference with them!

A dog is man’s best friend, right? If you love dogs as much as the PAWS service group does, then be a part of their club. Come on regular visits to the dog shelter, work with the dogs underneath the highway near school, and participate in fundraisers to help the ones you love!

Fundația Inocenți at AISB supports families and children in need, which means that they care for the babies through fundraisers for milk powder, diapers, clothes, and other essentials. Do you like making little kids happy? If so, then play a part in this service!

If you were a part of raising packets for Mia’s Children, then why not choose to have a hand in their decision making? You will be able to continue to support the children at Mia’s Children’s home, but you may even come up with a new event that will lighten up their day!

Remember that this is just a few of the many service learning opportunities at AISB. To get more information, or to start your own group, email Ms. Hofman (