In order to “bring our community together,” tenth graders Duru O. and Niki B., decided to plan a dance–AISB’s first Winter Ball.

Unfortunately, due to lack of interest from the students, not too many people bought tickets. Some reasons have been: “Teachers being at the dance ruins the mood”; “130 LEI is too much money to pay for a couple hours”; “Having a ball is pointless”; “I don’t have time, I’m too busy with school”; “I’m a senior and I don’t like hanging out with freshman; I find them really annoying.”

While Niki and Duru can’t fix all these complaints, they have lowered the price from 130 RON to 40; but this means that instead of being held at the Jubile Decebal ballroom, it’ll be at the gym. And instead of formal gowns and suits, they’re settling for “smart casual” attire. But, hey, we have to start somewhere.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming dance:

  • It will be held in the gym on November 24th from 7-11pm.
  • Tickets now cost 40 lei instead of the original 130.
  • This ticket includes food (provided by I’ladrino restaurant), drinks, a photo booth, and a DJ.
  • Duru and Niki will be selling tickets after school in the atrium everyday from 3:10-4pm until next Thursday, November 22nd.

    Photo booth fun at West Seattle’s Prom, via The Snap Bar.
  • Tickets will not be sold at the door, so get them while you can. This is because catering reservations have to be planned before the ball and the number of people attending must be confirmed.
  • Dress code is “smart casual.” Think how you would dress up for a nice party or a first date.

Don’t worry, the gym will be cleaned and decorated to help students have fun in a winter wonderland (admittedly not as extra as the image at the top of this article, but maybe someday).

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Tell us: Are you going to the dance? And, if not, why?