Riverdale: one of the hottest TV shows on Netflix that has everybody on the edge of their seats. In the new season, the killer called the ‘Black Hood’ is adding victims to his list every week. The question we are all asking ourselves is, who is the Black Hood? Here are the top three characters with the biggest motives:


Sheriff Keller

Sheriff Keller has the strongest motive to be the Black Hood. Being Riverdale’s most vital law enforcement figure, he is disgusted and embarrassed at the wickedness he’s seen in Riverdale. Sheriff Keller, due to the crimes, could have decided to take justice into his own hands.

If Sheriff Keller is the Black Hood, it would explain his uselessness investigating the killings. This season he has been mild in his investigation on the Black Hood; However, last season he worked diligently on Jason Blossoms case. It would also explain why he told Archie to stop the Red Circle, a student gang, and to leave it to the law enforcement-meaning Keller would be able to ensure that he is never caught.

There are many things about the Black Hood that have us scratching our heads, such as how he knew about Betty’s obsession with Nancy Drew books, or how he knew that Betty told Archie about their phone calls. You might be saying, “The Sheriff couldn’t possibly be Black Hood.” Yet, who else would be able to sneak into a jail cell to kill the Sugar Man, which the Black Hood does at the end of the episode, “The Death Proof”?

In the latest episode Betty stated, “He’s the Black Hood. Okay, think about it, the Black Hood killed Mr. Phillips in a cell at the Sheriff’s station.”

There are three things we know about the Black Hood: he is a middle-aged white man, he has green eyes, and Betty would recognize him. Although Sheriff Keller’s eyes are not the same color, the shape of the eyes suggest that he could in fact be the murderer.


Hal Cooper 

Hal Cooper, Betty’s father, is another obvious Black Hood contender. This season he has been sidelined for many episodes, which is always suspicious, and Betty being his daughter could explain how the Black Hood knows so much information about her. By having a close relationship with Betty, it would explain how The Black Hood knew where Polly was located, and how he knew Betty read Nancy Drew books when she was younger. But, what would be Hal Cooper’s motive?

It doesn’t seem too off that Hal Cooper held a grudge towards Alice when she kicked him out of the house, and threw a rock at his window at the store. But Hal could’ve been the one that planted the story about Alice Cooper’s ties with the Southside Serpents as revenge, and could be the one telling Betty to cut ties with her friends so she stays out of any trouble. It makes sense that if he is the Black Hood, he is trying to protect Betty from trouble.


Tall Boy

The Southside is blamed for a lot of the violence in Riverdale. Tall Boy, being a Southside Serpent has both the motive, and almost the exact physicality of the Black Hood.

By being a Southside Serpent, Tall Boy is prone to violence and crime, meaning if he were the Black Hood it wouldn’t take us by surprise. But what would be his motive?

Tall Boy, being F.P.’s best friend, feels injustice about his sentence. He believes that the Northsiders are not taking responsibility for the crimes that they’re committing, and are hypocrites that need to be faced with the truth.

But what does he have to do with the victims on the killing list?

  1. Fred Andrews

Fred Andrews hired many Serpents to work at his construction during the time he was having an affair with Hermione. Hiram (Hermione’s husband), after learning about the affair, fired Fred as well as the Serpents getting them mad, and potentially enforcing Tall Boy to take revenge on Fred.

  1. Grundy

Archie and Grundy’s affair during the summer time was probably known by the Serpents, as Archie worked at the construction site with them. Since Mrs. Grundy was having an intimate relationship with Archie who’s under aged, Tall Boy wants to prove that the Northsiders commit crimes as well.

  1. Moose and Midge

Tall Boy was at the dinner where Moose and Midge bought the Jingle Jangle. Much like Alice Cooper, he could’ve seen them buy it from the dealer. Serpents are constantly blamed by Northsiders that they’re Riverdale’s drug problems, Tall Boy would want to reveal it, as he knows that the Blossom family are responsible, as well as the Ghoulies.

  1. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper was once a Serpent herself, Tall Boy could’ve even known her. So by threatening Betty to publish the article about her mom, it could’ve been revenge for her hypocrisy.

  1. The Sugar Man

The Sugar Man was the head drug dealer for the Jingle Jangle, a drug that was often assumed was dealt by the Serpents, underlining their criminal image, when really it was dealt by the Ghoulies. Meaning, the Serpents never liked them, sending Tall Boy to go after the Sugar Man. Also, in addition to Hal breaking into the Sheriff’s office in season one, and Jughead suggesting the Serpents break F.P. out of jail since it doesn’t have security, it wouldn’t be hard for Tall Boy to break into the jail cell and kill the Sugar Man.


Overall, there are many theories about who the Black Hood could be. Who do you think it is?